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" You must never never... underestimate the power of an eyebrow "...


 Creating Beautiful brows that you absolutely LOVE ...is an Art ...not a stencil

      Every face is individual...

            Every Eyebrow has its own unique beauty...


Subtly defining Brows changes how you see yourself... and how the world sees you...

Our approach to co-creating your perfect brow experience begins with a  complimentary personal phone consultation.

We look forward to co-creating with you.... 505 795-0474

Blessed Wishes, 

Susan Fischer  

Esthetician  /  Microblading Specialist

Santa Fe Area, New Mexico

Wake Up... every day with Eyebrows you absolutely LOVE...

Eyebrows speak louder than words...

Great Eyebrows do not happen by chance... they happen by Appointment

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Belle of the West Gallery

2860 US Hwy 14

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