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Wow...wow... wow... I have never seen myself with eyebrows before in my whole life. I was always having to pencil them in... in the morning even before leaving my dorm room, because I didn't want people to think I looked like an alien walking down the street. This is so cool...  they look really good ... and they are really mine.
Maggie C.   505 603-6540

Twice before I had  both my brows and lips done. I remember that it hurt a little bit so I was not so sure about doing this all over again., but there was this red color  showing underneath that I was  always putting black pencil over to hide it. That red is finally gone. I am so happy. My new brows...I LOVE them...this is what I wished they would have looked like when I first started all this. Not painful at all, I think I feel asleep three or four times during it. I am going to be telling my five sisters about this.
Mary V.  505 328-1037

Here is mine...Susan's work is precise, sensitive and very effective. I am delighted and grateful for my new eyebrows. I certainly recommend this treatment to anyone who is tired of creating their eyebrows.. EVERYDAY !

Sita W.  505 577-7645